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AIA Accreditated

AIA Accredited

Thermal Steel Window and Doors for creating an Energy Efficient Building

In this course participants will explore new innovations in steel doors and windows that can be translated into future residential construction projects Objectives:

• Participants will be able to define what a hollow steel, insulated, and thermal door is and evaluate if an existing project is viable based on the additional cost of material compared to the long term efficiency.
• Participants will be able to recognize the effectiveness of powder coating steel windows and doors compared to the use of traditional paint by evaluating existing projects to measure viability against performance goals.
• Participants will develop and identify the important structural features steel doors can offer to existing projects and evaluate the cost to the structural security.
• Participants will analyze the environmental impact of using steel material due to its recyclable nature and ability to last the life of any building and determine for current projects if the benefit out ways the cost.

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